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Secret to Happiness [Aug. 11th, 2016|08:33 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

Live with total integrity.

Be transparent, honest, and authentic. Do not ever waiver from this; white lies and false smiles quickly snowball into a life lived out of alignment. It is better to be yourself and risk having people not like you than to suffer the stress and tension that comes from pretending to be someone you are not, or professing to like something that you do not. I promise you: Pretending will rob you of joy.
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Intimacy [Aug. 4th, 2016|09:21 am]
Intimacy is not who you let touch you. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2015|11:26 am]
Today seems like a perfectly good day to start over.

Any of the old gang still active or is blogging a passe?
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What to say? [Jul. 22nd, 2010|07:48 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]

Currently, I suffer from an ailment which makes speaking a veritable chore due to dryness and pain in my throat. Instead of keeping me down, I feel like it has provided me a respite from all the useless chatter a routine day involves.

Ever so often, I wish such an illness upon myself just so I can step back from the mundane, the everyday stuff and ponder deeper into myself. I realize how petty I have become, how easy credit of speech has made me into a talk whore. I have been speaking without restraint, without any regards for the outcomes of my words and without a presence of my mind.

I hope this transforms into a renewed effort on my part to be thankful for the gift of words and speech and not squander it so aimlessly. I realize my new found affection for my long neglected journal is to begin the process of pondering, thinking and speaking in measured words the way I really feel.

It is beginning to look better already.

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Reading Material [Jul. 22nd, 2010|07:39 pm]
[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |Zoo People - TrippySoundScapes (Gau Mehta)]

Off late, my reading materials have been all over the map such as -

1. Cemetery Dance - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
2. Fever Dream - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
3. Impact - Douglas Preston

1. Gandhi, A Sublime Failure - S. S. Gill
2. Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics and the Future of Food - Pamela C. Ronald & Raoul W. Adamchak

Next up,
1. Tao of Physics, The - Fritjof Capra (NF)
2. Farewell my Subaru: An Epic adventure in Local Living - Doug Fine (NF)
3. Any Place I Hang My Hat - Susan Isaacs (F)
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Quiet re-entry [Jul. 18th, 2010|11:30 am]
It feels like a century ago that LJ was a part of my everyday life. No, I've not out-grown it and no, I've not been logging keystrokes at another journal. It's just that there has been nothing to say :)

I am experiencing a new awakening of the desire to say things, relevant or not and this is the place where I feel most comfortable about saying. So, do I have anything to say today? Maybe, maybe not!

Let's hope tomorrow brings something worthwhile to say.

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Christmas Tree [Oct. 6th, 2008|02:08 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

unadorned shelves of my consciousness
are littered with hangings of past
many Christmases
trinkets and baubles that over-crowd
and distract from times when
life was sparse and slight

I swayed freely to unrelenting winter
decorated for kingship of a living room.
a lost, meditative and a mute spectator
to the pretty litter of adornments

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Clarity of Being [Oct. 7th, 2006|03:41 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Mere Khwabon Ka - Jism OST]

Most of us are so clueless of what we want in life. All of us have a general idea about what we want, but it keeps changing everyday. What we want is never constant. But our conviction of what we want is so strong and so blind, like the ego, that we fail to see the change of our wants. Today I want a bike, tomorrow I see an accident, I realize it is insane to ride one. But, my conviction of my previous want does not allow me to accept the change that I now don't want it. Its convuluted and simple at the same time. Its simple for this example, but convulted if someone extrapolates on the same premise.

What I deem of utmost importance today, will loose itself into the translucency of life after a few months. If I fail to recognize this, and keep holding its non-existent importance in my life, I am on a collision course. If most of us recognized this, we would not keep tags and tabs in our shredded past.

Doubt kills; and I doubt myself. I, thus kill myself. I don't doubt my past, nor the conviction of what I believe has happened. I doubt my present. I doubt the possibilities. The past and convictions I hold so dear, that it clogs my being of its debris. I plough on in life, wondering where my life is heading.

My clarity of being, non-existent

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Together Apart - A lonely Requiem [Oct. 5th, 2006|10:56 pm]
[mood |cynicalcynical]
[music |Raat Khamosh Hai - Jagjit Singh (Muntazir)]

The evening draws to a close
and the dessert spread now half-eaten
on the table. The steaming
coffee arrives, to get us
back, back to a reality
where we are together, in love.
But, the progress of the evening
tells a story otherwise
of us, being the essence of who we
are, two different separate souls
entwined in a common history
by a fight to be together.
As the coffee simmers cold
and the cheque arrives, we smile and
acknowledge the spirit of the other
of having come so far, together.

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Words [Sep. 18th, 2006|02:20 am]
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |Whirring of my bedroom ceiling fan]

Words, I have written about them previously as well. But, their impact and their importance never really fades, from our psyches as well as our lives. Most of us never realize how much words affects others. I have seen it bring down the mightiest to their knees, pushed many a valiant warrior over the edge. Or more commonplace, pushed people into being way too loud, or way too silent. I am sure the speakers of those words never realize what its long term affects are going to be. I am so afraid to speak after hearing lots of people say lots of things, well-meant or otherwise, that if I had one wish from God, I shall ask Him to make me silent, forever. Before you short-cut a conclusion on my life and the impact of words on it, I will say its definitely not just on personal experiences that I want this wish to be granted. It is due to what I see in my everyday life, at work, at play, with friends, with colleagues, and frankly in my interaction - active as well as passive, that words are a divine gift. Most of us bandy so much that we squander this gift worthlessly.

If I cannot become silent forever, I sincerely hope that my runner-up wish be true; to make all communication be written, and whatever we type/write be read out into our heads at a high decibel level multiple times before they are expressed to the world outside. It is not as if I am guilt-free or fault-free of wasting words, but I should also be a party to the wish becoming true. So much so as I be the first person to undergo the affects of my wish(es).

Someone wrote a song saying - words are all I have to take your heart away. Sometimes, words are all I have to squander your heart away.

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